Things are progressing quickly with the house and there are many things to take care of right now.  Everything is turning out beautifully and just how we have hoped.  The hardwoods are finished and the dark walnut is GORGEOUS!!!  The quartz got installed yesterday and the backsplash tile is getting finished.  Let me just say, SINGING A VERY HAPPY TUNE!!!!!

I am very backed up with blogs and am very busy now so I will be offline with answering blogs for a few weeks.  We have to get moved in and settled.  The boxes, millions of them.  We forgot how many, YIKES.

Thank you to my followers for hanging in there with me through this build and lack of projects.  It is safe to say I have many repainting of furniture in the future once the dust settles.  Many things will be happening in the future so my new followers, hang in there the fun will begin!!