The weather in NJ is still humid and cloudy and today heavy rain is expected.  Is it just me or has the weather been a pain from the winter through now.  We get a few nice days and then rain and cool, Twilight Zone, LOL.

Thing are really moving with the house and it so quickly.  More posts will be coming with snippets of things.  I can’t show everything that is happening with full views.  I need to keep everyone guessing and waiting to see when it is all decorated.  So many ideas and plans are going through my mind now.  The brain is in overdrive, LOL.

I have a love of columns and old windows and I have no idea where that love came from.  I am always attracted to them for some reason.  I knew columns would be on the front of house and was extremely excited about the end result.  I assumed they would be round like our old home and have a bit of elegance to them.  Well, they turned out to be square and that didn’t make me happy and I have to admit I did freak a bit.  Then of course, sanity took hole and some help from John and I figured out how I wanted to embellish them a bit.


Lowes to the rescue, I ordered these capital embellishments to add to the top.  They have detailing that I love without going overboard.  I decided to get this molding to add to the bottoms to give them a bit more detail.  I can’t wit to see them added on, I think they will be the perfect finishing touch.


More to come and it is pretty!!!