I hope every one had a great and Happy Mothers Day!!!.  It was a gorgeous day in NJ but now the weather has turned more humid and gray.  Getting ready for a fairly rainy week, YUCK!!!

We went to the house yesterday, and with delight our interior doors and trim are getting done.  We decided to choose interior doors that match the front door since we liked it so much.  Seeing them starting to be hung I think we made the right choice.  It really brings things together.


Our trim is also starting to get finished and I am very happy with the choices we made there too.  We decided to go with a picture frame look around the windows in this house instead of actually having windowsills sticking out on the sides.  I am so happy with this choice also.  It still allows for my candles in my window, which I have been doing since marriage.  Just nicer candles now, LOL.


You also may notice we chose large baseboard molding as well.  Love this look and the trim has just enough details! 

DSC_0014_wm DSC_0016_wm

More to come!!!!