Hello to everyone, things have been very hectic at Cloches and Lavender.

Thank you to everyone for your support when I wasn’t feeling well there for few days.  MS is a scary disease and when something changes and I don’t feel well, I worry. Will I go back to the way I was or is this the way things are going to be.  It is very much, the fear of the unknown.  I know many of us in life go through these trials and tribulations.  I don’t know what came over me that day.  I try to keep my health to myself, John and my parents.  Panic hit me that day and I blurted it out on FB.

Now, on to the prettiness; when John and I went to the house last weekend the hardwood floors were installed.  They are wider planks then we anticipated, BONUS!!!  Since the floors run throughout most of the house,  I know I will not want any red highlights whatsoever in our stain.  I was leaning towards a cabinet color sample that I saw when choosing the kitchen.  The name was Chestnut so I may ask our kitchen man, Rich, if I can borrow the sample when they are ready to stain.  I thought it would help get me the color I want to achieve.

DSC_0003_wm DSC_0004_wm DSC_0007_wm

One more item has been installed finally, the garage door!!!  Say it isn’t so Sam, LOL.  Now that things are locked up…on to kitchen install!!


With such nice weather this past weekend (what happened today with the frigid temps!!) we noticed some nice things when  we were in the new neighborhood; children riding their bikes and couples out strolling around.   This was the thing John and I were missing in our neighborhood because of the hilliness and the size of the lots, not many children were out and about.  This will be a change for Peanut and Reeses, who are afraid of everything.  We feel this will be really good for them.  They are sort of glued to Mama’s hip, LOL.  We wouldn’t change them for the world but it is time for them to learn to be PUPPIES!!! 

This weekend we are going to introduce them to their new home.  It is very clean and safe for them to be inside now.  We thought we would let them get used to the smells and know this is their new home.  Yes, we treat them as children, I can imagine what some of you may be thinking.  We decided that when we brought them home they were going to be spoiled beyond belief, that is why we got them to love and spoil.  Not to sound snotty, we don’t much care what people think, they are our puppies and yes they are going to be four soon and we still call them puppies, LOL.  Maybe there will be some pictures???

Next week, to give you a hint, I will have positive news on the MS front.  Some good changes are taking place.  I don’t want to speak about them until everything is finished.  So early next week will be big doings for me!!!  

Happy Easter and Passover to everyone and your families and friends.