Hello everyone, I hope everyone is doing well.  We are finally going to get a few warmer days this weekend!!

Now that the snow is hopefully gone forever, LOL; things are moving so quickly with our home it is amazing and so EXCITING!!!!  Gerry wasn’t kidding about getting things moving once the outside siding and concrete were finished. 

I have so many things to report and today I am going to let everyone know that we had insulation installed and are you ready, sheet rock!!  They started taping yesterday.  OMG this is insane and we are just beside ourselves with excitement, take a look at the transformation, is this not the most beautiful thing you have ever seen??

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DSC_0005_wm DSC_0013_wm DSC_0016_wm

The small issue we have now is: John and I decided to put the TV over the fireplace at the last-minute. The reason being was my concern with glare and the fact that the TV would be competing with the fireplace right next to it. So here’s my dilemma…the areas on either side of the fireplace aren’t symmetrical (one was bigger to accommodate the original TV plan). Take a look…


Ladies this where your opinions may help me.

On the larger side to the right, I was thinking of putting two large gates (wall hangings) that we have in storage, high on the wall with an antique trunk we purchased years ago below on the floor. This we have always used to store some firewood.

The one on the left will be a bookcase with doors on the bottom to store DVD’s.

Now that you have heard the idea, what d o you think??? What suggestions would you have????

Tune in tomorrow for more progress updates.