Thanks so much for all of your comments about Wolfgang.  Audrey is healing and we are moving along.

The weather is still very cold and we dodged a bullet today, Monday, with a huge storm.  It went out to sea.  I knew we loved our Atlantic Ocean for a reason, besides for the fact it is beautiful.

First, let’s get the not so pretty over with, such a tease, LOL.  Although this is not pretty to look at, it is necessary for a home to function.  You will notice  that all of our rough plumbing and heating is finished.  Some of the air-conditioning is complete as well as electrical.

DSC_0012_wm DSC_0013_wm DSC_0014_wm DSC_0015_wm DSC_0017_wm DSC_0018_wm DSC_0022_wm DSC_0023_wm DSC_0024_wm

When we visited the site over the weekend this surprise was waiting for us.  Totally unexpected, our fireplace was installed.  We decided we would miss a real fire so we decided to go with wood burning.  The tub in the guest bath was too!


DSC_0038_wm DSC_0029_wm

We had one or two problems to work out and luckily we have Gerry our builder.  John and I are pretty savvy too, I must say.  We are using pocket doors in some areas of the house to save on space.  What we didn’t realize, by using pocket doors, was that you lose the ability to do electrical and plumbing in the wall in which the door slides. In our other home we didn’t use them because I was young and I must admit stubborn.  I wouldn’t use pocket doors anywhere, MISTAKE!!

The master bath had a similar issue, as we are using a pocket door there as well.  Gerry mentioned that the double sink vanity that is in the master bath, we are unable to use separate lights, because part of the vanity is on the pocket door wall.  That was totally unacceptable for me, from a decorating standpoint that would look so odd.  So, I looked up and it hit me.  Put ceiling lights over each sink.  I am looking for flush mount chandeliers and I  have been having some great results in my search.

Internet shopping for lighting is just fabulous, ATG Stores, Lighting Universe, superb.  I am planning on getting all of our lighting for the house from their site.  I’m so excited typing this because I have found so many pretty chandeliers and lights.

Now on to the pretty, look what else has taken place!!!  Siding installation is pretty well along, YES, everything I thought it would be on the house.  LOVE the color!!!  Hopefully finished this week.

DSC_0031_wm DSC_0034_wm DSC_0032_wm DSC_0036_wm

When the weather warms up this baby will be stained a walnut color to match our garage door, can’t wait!! 


The weather and Mother Nature better not be toying with us???  It better start getting warmer.  I mean, come on, we only want it in the upper 30’s and 40’s and we will be cruising.