Let’s see, who is so SICK of this winter???  We are in for another big snowstorm Thursday.  I hope that everyone in the southeast is safe.  Let me tell you one thing is for sure, I am so over this it isn’t even funny.  I would be rolling with this a little more if our home hasn’t been put on hold due to this weather.  Gerry our builder spoke to John the other day and told him they were able to get the basement floor poured but they can’t pour the garage floor or front steps do to t he cold temperatures. It is too cold to put on the siding.  The one good thing is they are able to start the rough for the HVAC and the plumbing.  We are ready to pull our hair out.  John not too much with the hair, he has only a bit left, sorry HONEY.  I love you very much my handsome man of 25 years!!

So, we are on hold with important items to be finished until the temperatures get into the 30’s. Yes, 30’s we can’t even get to that number, except when it snows every other minute.  How sad  is that??

Another topic I spoke about last time was Wolfgang.  It is amazing what has happened with him.  Audrey thought she was going to have to put him down.  He wasn’t eating at all and he was very fussy.  His stool was blood-red and she decided this was not fair for him anymore, he couldn’t starve to death.

But lo and behold:


We went to the vet last week and the doctor did a thorough check on him and didn’t see any more issues.  He also took some blood samples for tests and this is the amazing part.  His liver function numbers were even better than they were months ago.  The vet said he thought maybe his tummy was bothering him and gave him two injections.  This dog is a fighter big time but we have to remember no matter what he is still very sick.  Kidney failure doesn’t go away.

Here he is after a nice post vet bath and spa:


I make turkey meatloaf with brown sugar in it to add some sweetness and flavor.  Well, we gave that to Wolfgang that evening and he ate it like crazy.  This doxie loves food.  All of them do but Wolfgang could eat his way out of a dog food bag if he was inside, LOL!!!  He just keeps eating that every morning, noon and night.  I told him, Aunt Cindy will make you the meatloaf so you keep eating and that is what I have been doing.  He even has a bit of a kick in his step.  He is back to his stubborn ways and fussing only as Wolfgang does but we would have it no other way.  Someone up there knows it is not his time.  His daddy, grandpa, cousin or, and sister.  I know they all must be watching over him.  I will keep you updated on his health

A group hideout for Wolfe, Bend and Sprout:


Finally a picture of our man Reeses comfortably resting his chin on the sink during his shower/bath:


And Peanut lounging:


As you may notice we love our pups like they are our children.   Those of you out there that have animals know what I am talking about!!

So, please say prayers for Wolfgang to stay strong and prayers that this winter ends for us all and our home can get going again. Thanks so!!!  Everyone stay warm!

One more thing, look what I bought when I saw them on FB.  Love the green and was hoping they would bring back the vintage green.

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DSC_0004 (2)_wm