Hello everyone, I hope all is well. We are getting more snow for tomorrow in NJ and then it is going to turn colder again.  I know that many of you have been getting hit so hard with the weather, I feel guilty complaining, but ENOUGH!!!  The older I get 48, the less I like the cold and that wind that just goes right through your bones.

I am very behind in answering emails.  I apologize but there has been a lot of decision-making and Audrey’s dog Wolfgang has been very sick.  He is 16, 17 in July and has heart and liver failure.  He is such a fighter, he keeps doing all he can to stay with us.  There is no way I won’t make that a priority.  Besides loving Audrey her dogs are like my babies.  We have known her two pups since they were brought home and Wolfie as we call him, is just a lover.   

Now for the excitement.  Well, we have all our windows in except for two which are on backorder.  The grilles that snap in are in the house in boxes.  I am not sure at what phase they are snapped in place.

DSC_0012_wm DSC_0022_wm

This is a shot of our front door which will be stained walnut to match the garage door, it is a two car garage with one large door.

DSC_0015_wm DSC_0017_wm

They are getting ready to pour our basement and garage floor.  That will be good and may make it easier to get in the house for me.


The other exciting piece of information is that I picked out our kitchen!!!  Appliances are ordered and I think we got a great deal.  We just placed our order for the cabinets and the countertops.  Sample is below, the are Maple and the door is inset.

DSC_0036_wm DSC_0033_wm

We are going to meet with the plumbing supply company as soon as the man we are supposed to me with is better from being sick.  Our builder, Gerry, really wants to get moving on roughing out the house.  I will give you a sneak peek at our kitchen faucet I chose.  I wanted to go with a single handle so it would be easier to regulate the water when washing things in the sink and speaking of sinks, I chose a beautiful farmhouse sink.  Fergusson had a great price for a Kohler on their website for a Kohler.  If the plumbing supply person can’t match the prices the internet will be my source.

Kitchen Faucet

Everyone in these cold areas stay warm and safe.  More updates will come.