Hello everyone, things have been a bit crazy here.  I caught a viral and bacterial infection that has been quite strong.  Friday had to be one of the scariest days in my life since being diagnosed with MS.  I was so weak and sick I was  having trouble walking and fell a few times.  I had a hard time getting up but I made myself do it and got the strength to get myself up.  I have not been able to read any of my emails since being sick. 

Yesterday, I spoke with my neurologist, he assured me that this is from getting hit with such a bad infection and I would be ok with much rest and some large doses of medicine I am on right now.

John has been so good with helping and taking care of me and the puppies.  Audrey has been stepping in when needed.  I just didn’t want anyone to think I was ignoring emails.  Sometimes life gives you lemons and you have to make lemonade and that is just what I am going to do.  Rest, rest, rest and get healthier hoping by the weekend.  I will be enjoying my Christmas if I do what  is best for my health and that is what I plan to do, thanks for understanding.

I wanted to show quickly, these tags from Shari at Turn Style Vogue, I purchased with the intent to give them with packages for Christmas.  Well, that isn’t  going to happen anymore, LOL.  I love the people I was going to give these too but I just can’t do it, I am sorry, I really mean that, I really do. I decided I need to save them to use in our new home for my Christmas vignettes next year.  I am seriously in love with these.  Look at these beauties and tell me I’m being a Meany!!!!

DSC_0026_wm DSC_0029_wm