Hello.  Hope things are going well; getting some heavy snow in northern NJ today.  Supposed to get maybe 12 inches here.

As I mentioned, I am helping to decorate Audrey’s home for Christmas.  Remember that great piece she has in her foyer from Fall.  I moved to this next and what fun it was to get this decked out for Christmas.


Christmas balls purchased from JoAnn’s fill many glass pieces that are always displayed here and I added her clear glass sled from her collection of sleds.  I placed a sled to be filled with bottle brush trees and small packages, they are on display all year; pretty velvet.  I adore this sled.  You think if I ask real nicely she may give me this sled from her collection??  Na, not that selfish.  She has already given me the one from the mantle and another one that will not be seen until next year at our new home.


Stay on track here Mrs. Cynthia; these cake stands are also on display, easy enough, add vintage ornaments for Christmas, in two places. I love the color of these.  I may have to find a small box next year, LOL.



Audrey owns a nativity set that I displayed in the middle of the shelving.  After all, this is what Christmas is all about.  I put baby Jesus out for the pictures.  We are old school so to speak and don’t put him out until Christmas Day.


Notice this small dessert cloche she had on hand and a small apothecary jar  filled with faux snow and small bottle brush trees.

In the corners I placed large ornaments to fill the space.  I happen to own these too, we purchased them last year at Ivanka’s.  I love the ornate fill to them.


The garland that is on top we found when I was browsing on One King’s Lane seeing all the Christmas Garland.  I so wanted to buy this Cedar garland and John said no way, where would you suggest we put this for now?  He is so right, next year it is for that purchase.


You may remember the Byer’s Choice I placed on her mantel.  We both collect these beauties.  I took two of her Holiday Cracker characters to use in the display.  Audrey has Boxing Day every year and makes her own crackers from scratch.  She purchased these a bit ago and they are so appropriate for her to own.


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