Hello!  I hope all is well.  The weather has been gorgeous here in Northern New Jersey.  The leaves are falling and there is a crisp breeze.  Just enough to blow the leaves around for my boy Reeses to think he can catch and eat, LOL!!!  Mama says no to that, it isn’t good for the belly.  For three years he has been trying and for three years Mama has said no.

Now for the post, I know our home is far from being finished, but when I saw these items on Décor Steals I had to make a move.  I knew that if I didn’t buy these for the new house when I saw them I may not be able to get them again.  I am so excited to share the items I purchased.

I knew when I saw this, I wanted it to be a statement in our kitchen.  I jumped fast and I couldn’t wait to see it in person; it did not disappoint.  My girlfriend Audrey wanted to purchase a gift for us and wanted it to be something that we would really appreciate.  She decided this was perfect, so she generously said that this was her gift to us.  Now everyone that comes in our new home and every time I look at this beauty I will know it is from her.


This next piece I loved when I saw it!  A mason jar soap dispenser for our kitchen.  How great is this piece I ask you?  In our other home we had the built-in soap pump.  From experience we knew we didn’t want to go that route again.  Ours for some reason would always break, it never would pump correctly.  I think we went through three Price Pfister pumps.  Good thing my blog is so small they will never know the difference or they would not want to be my friend for mentioning this, LOL!!!

DSC_0109_wm DSC_0110_wm

The next piece I saw was this olive bucket. When I saw this at Miss Mustard Seed when I started blogging, I knew I was going to get one.  I researched them online and as many of you already know, they can cost $100 or more.  I didn’t really want to spend that, so, when I saw this baby on Décor Steals I knew I was grabbing it, only $50!


I can’t wait to incorporate them in our new home, I am getting so excited!!!

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