It is a beautiful fall week in Northern New Jersey.  The air is crisp and the leaves are falling and changing more and more everyday.  There is just a great smell when the fall is in full force, just LOVE it!!!  When we take the puppies out, remember there are five in total, we can hear the acorns falling and when the leaves blow and the squirrels are scampering the pups love to chase them BOTH, which adds excitement to their day, ours not so much, LOL!!!

I added some fall decorations to Audrey’s kitchen.  She has such a beautiful Gothic table in one corner that I thought would look so pretty with doilies placed on top with a large white pumpkin we found on one of our garden center trips.  We also purchased these gourds on another trip and I placed them in front for color.


The shelf on the side has a pumpkin and bottle brush wreathes with a couple of accessories.


For her island, for some fall flair, I placed a three-tier wired piece that she purchased on one of our many trips to Home Goods.  I used some rust burlap I purchased at Michael’s to give it color.  I chose gourds and some pieces she has displayed in her butler’s pantry.  They are tiny glass pumpkins and fall napkin holders.  Audrey likes these displays added to her kitchen very much.   Wait until I show you her fall display in her butler’s pantry, very festive!!!

DSC_0058_wm DSC_0055_wm DSC_0056_wm

Last, she has a small area she uses as her a coffee center for parties. I thought this would be a great place for a small touch of fall.  I placed pumpkins and pinecones she had and an autumn bottle in this spot.  In the items that Audrey had this large martini glass and I though it would add the right touch to this spot.

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