Hello everyone I hope everything is going well for you all! 

We went to the lot this weekend and met with the builder.  They are pouring the foundation on Tuesday and it will have to cure for a couple of days.  Then they take the forms off and start to frame.  We are deciding on front doors now as well as the roof and siding…the things we need first after framing .  The roof we will probably chose easily because we loved the roof we had on our house that we just sold.

I know I am behind as far as fall decorating goes.   My friend Audrey, loves fall and holiday time as much as my husband and I do.  We love it for the same reasons.  The fall season has a certain feeling to it, a certain smell.  We enjoy the baking and being with good friends and family!  Each of us loves to decorate our homes to make it cozy and comfortable and ready for celebration.

She was kind enough to let me have access to her fall items, which are plenty, to help decorate her home.

I thought I would start by showing her mantle area.  She has a beautiful mantle to start with and a wonderful collection of doilies.  In her collection I found these spider web doilies and decided to put a large one on top of her mantle for a base.  I mentioned to her that I need to get some more of these for our new home, LOL

My hubby, Audrey and I made a few stops at the local garden centers.  I was looking for plain small white pumpkins, unfortunately, these did not exist this year in our area of NJ.  Next year, I am going to find them online if possible.  They are my favorite variety and I have noticed that we haven’t been able to get the smaller version for a couple of years now.

I used light orange pumpkins for the center as you can see and added smaller pumpkins around and added candlesticks for height and placed smaller ones on top.  I also took pumpkin figurines she had in her stash and placed them around and scattered bottle brush trees.  I absolutely love bottle brush trees!!  I then used an apothecary jar and a small dessert domed dish with various items.

Next to the mantle there are three stacked tables where we placed one of her small trees.  Audrey loves everything acorn.  Since I have known her, I have really fallen in love with them as well.  I have a similar versions in my small collection that I use on our Christmas tree.

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