I hope all is going well and YIPPIE it is fall!!!  I know I am not with the majority but I love the fall and the colder weather.  I am not a fan of summer at all, never have been.  I don’t enjoy the snow but when the cool air rushes in so many of my favorite things take place.

Cooking, baking, the smells of leaves and burning candles.  Sweater weather starts, my love of riding boots and jeans.  Family gets together, spending time with friends over a great meal. Fires with the one you love to snuggle with, which is for me, my wonderful husband and our two pups!! Oh and how can I forget, football season.

Huge football fans, unfortunately, these fans like the NY Jets.  Sad but true, LOL.

Now for the beautiful.  I won a prize from one of my favorite people and favorite blogs; Simply Vintageous. Suzan is one talented and very, very funny lady!!  She has become a good friend and is always there for me when I post on my blog.

Sherry from Thrift My House  was part of the giveaway.  I received this beautiful package yesterday.  When I opened the package up, all these beauties were inside.  Sherry is another very talented lady and I am a follower of her great blog!  I was so excited and happy to receive these gems and they truly are gems!!!  Unfortunately, I will have to wait until next year to put these on our Christmas tree in our new home.

By the time Christmas comes next year, it will be exciting for me all over again to see these precious gifts.  I will always know they came from two very SPECIAL ladies with such talent!!!

DSC_0037_wm DSC_0038_wm DSC_0039_wm DSC_0040_wm DSC_0041_wm DSC_0042_wm DSC_0043_wm DSC_0044_wm DSC_0046_wm

Being a blogger, for me, is like hitting the jackpot.  I have met some wonderfully talented people from all over.

Some other quick news……our house is beginning slowly!!!  The builder has planned out our utilities this week and is planning to break ground on Friday.  For us this is so exciting because things are finally really moving.  As more things take place visually I will be posting about the happenings.