Hello everyone, I hope all is going well!  From what I have been reading, all of you ladies that attended Haven 2013, have said it was a great time for all.  Everyone seemed to enjoy all the vendors and one another’s company very much.  I have seen nothing but smiles on many faces in all the posts I have been reading on my favorite blogs!!!

Let me just start by saying, I know I haven’t spoken about our new home at all.  The reason behind that is a long story, and I will condense it, it had to do with the appraisal.  Land prices have gone up so much in value and in the area where we showed our lot being, land is scarce.  As I mentioned a ways back, we are building a smaller home 2,300 sq. ft. (I know it is not that small) and it is a ranch.  When it came time for the appraisal it was a difficult task because there are not many brand new ranches in that area and the lot is expensive.  The appraisal we were having trouble coming in accurately so we decided to go to other banks and the appraisals finally came in where we needed it to be, then the HAPPY DANCE CAME and the stress and tension went away.  It was very stressful for us because this is our home that we will be staying in what we hope is forever.  We have designed the ranch to suit my needs with my MS. 

Don’t misunderstand, I am not worse and I can still walk and get around just a little slower and cleaning won’t be a problem for me since we will be on one level.  I will have news about us closing on the land and the starting of the project very soon.

Now for the post!! Finally, right, The Pillow as we have named it quite a while back, has a story.  My husband and I purchased four throw pillows from a Huge Haul we did at Home Goods.  One of my favorite stores, you may remember my post about a HUGE HAUL FROM HOME GOODS, here https://clochesandlavender.com/2012/07/22/home-goods-haul/

To get to the point, the pillows were purchased when Peanut and Reeses were still small, well they are still small of course they are mini doxies.  I guess I should say puppies.  For some reason when we got these great French burlap and green pillows home, Reeses, took to one of the pillows. I mean he really took to it! He would cry for it, and stare longingly across the room at it LOL. We tried to hide them in many places but he would find them from sniffing around.  We tried to put them on our pool table, we tried everything.  Every night when we would put them to bed we would find him in our family room crying and staring at the pillows.

I said to John, what are we going to do?  If you haven’t realized it yet, our puppies, are truly like our children and very spoiled.  They are the best though in every area!

I proceeded to tell my dad and stepmom about the pillow.  IMMEDIATELY, after telling them the story, they said you have to go back to Home Goods and get Reeses his own pillow and of course, we did indeed go back to get him his very own pillow!  He has been sleeping on it every night, on top of the couch since we got it, like a little prince, with his blanket as well of course.

When we moved in with my girlfriend, John said we absolutely have to bring the pillow.  We brought the pillow and Reeses and Peanut fall asleep glued to me every night on her sectional.  As the night progresses Reeses winds up like this:

 DSC_0007_wm DSC_0035_wm DSC_0037_wm


He will let Peanut share it with him, after all it is his sister and they have been inseparable since they have been born.  She hasn’t shared it with him here, she is always glued to the right side of my hip.  Reeses is trying to learn to share.  These to little heads you see are his two “cousins” putting there little heads on his pillow.  Reeses never makes a noise but he knows this is HIS pillow.  I say to him all the time, go on the pillow when we sit on the couch.  We find this story priceless and that is the story FOR THE LOVE OF A PILLOW!!! 


I will be posting soon with more pictures of all the puppies and our elder statesman Wolfie that is 16; who needs rest after hanging out with the other 4 youngins’