Hi there…

I wanted to share this with you all.  My girlfriend and I were on our way home at the end of last week to find a visitor on the main street of the neighborhood.  One of the many things I will not miss around here.  Some find this so exciting and I find it slightly frightening and overwhelming.  When we first spotted; he/she was trying to get into a garbage can that was on the street.  It was not a happy cub, yes cub, when it couldn’t get inside.  These pictures were taken with my girlfriends phone as we drove past. 


One of the many reasons why our fur babies Peanut and Reeses are not allowed outside alone to frolic.



They make themselves known and they really think they are home.


The end result of this event; he decided to keep strolling and was waiting for us in my girlfriends backyard!! LOL