Our move here has been very hectic, I have not been feeling my best from all the stress and changes, so we are dealing with that, and my poor husband has hurt his foot in the process.  He is such a trooper and is trying to take care of as much as possible to take the load off of me.  No one can imagine how truly lucky and blessed I am to have such a wonderful man in my life!!!  When I say he is a keeper and a good man, it doesn’t even scratch the surface of how precious he truly is!  He never complains or gets the slightest bit angry or impatient with my illness and the toll that stress can take on me.  He just plows through no matter what and he is helping me to hold it together.  This is very, very overwhelming which just adds to the stress.

My girlfriend has been so supportive through all of this and is trying to help as much as she can and we appreciate everything she does and has done for us.

I am not ignoring your posts, I have to take time to get myself to feel better and take care of my two precious  pups.  They are our children since we don’t have any. They are still adjusting as well and it is very important to my husband and me that they feel safe and secure through all of this.  Some may not understand that, but these puppies are truly very important to us and a priority.  I will be responding to your posts as soon as I can and will try very hard not to forget anyone and I will catch up.  Please hang in there will me!!!