We finally have a closing date for the house, next week!!!  We can’t believe it; this feels like it has taken forever.  This house has served us well for 18 years and we are so excited to start our new journey.

We have our blueprints for the new house, which will be all on one level, and we will be breaking ground probably a week after we close and funds clear.


The new house will be beautiful and we are making a special area for Peanut and Reeses to be able to scamper and run outside like real puppies should (they are 3 but they are our puppies) after all they are minis. Inseparable too! LOL

IMG00051-20110331-2204_wm IMG00024-20110123-1407_wm

Well, here are a few things we’ll certainly miss and a few things we won’t!

 The things we will miss:

Our neighbors the most, even though we will still see them often

The clear starry nights, since we’re pretty far from any major towns

Our lily pads in our pond, which bloomed flowers like crazy this year


Our frog that we have had for 18 years; hard to get him in pictures, the little bugger

The beautiful landscape view from my office



The things I really won’t miss:

The animals that threaten Peanut and Reeses; hawks, turkey vultures and those pesky bear!

The huge moths, creepy

DSC_0002_wm (2) DSC_0004_wm

The time it takes to clean this house

The stairs!!!

 I look forward to many postings along the construction journey, as well as keeping you posted as to how my Best Friend Audrey and I survive living together with 5 dogs!