Lavender is one of my favorite things and brings joy and peace to my life.  It says home to me, I find that it makes me feel calm and peaceful.   It is stunning outdoors in the garden and I seem to  always have lots of dried lavender in our home.  It is displayed under cloches and I have made a topiary and added it to my French aged pots.  It is truly one of my must haves and while we are finishing up packing I thought I would share some of this loveliness with you showing pictures from Pinterest.

This is fragrant

Flowing and looks lovely when the sun casts a glow in the evening

Peaceful and restful at the end of a long day

The scent can be smelled all around when Lavender is close by

Beautiful in landscape

And beautiful when dried


Adds beauty to any window

I hope these pictures brighten your day and Lavender brings you as much joy as does to me!

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