I apologize that I haven’t been posting, everything is packed and I have been very pre-occupied about this deal getting finished with the house.  We received our house inspection report and at least that’s over.  There are just some minor things that were picked out that need to be fixed.  I think they wouldn’t be happy if they didn’t find anything wrong when they do inspections LOL!!

This is the last time I will see this little pink beauty in the yard in all its glory.  I just love the delicate flowers on Dogwood trees.  I tried to get a close shot of the leaves so you can see the beautiful veining.

DSC_0026_wm DSC_0067_wm DSC_0039_wm DSC_0066_wm

Our lovely flowering Crabapple trees are in full bloom also.  The white flowers are so pretty and they are very delicate.  They add such beauty to our yard.

DSC_0015_wm DSC_0034_wm DSC_0036_wm DSC_0016_wm

I am already planning what I will be planting in our new yard believe it or not.  I must have boxwood, which I just love and a couple of flowering trees and yes, tons of daffodil bulbs.  We didn’t even get the drawings from the architect yet and I am thinking about planting trees and bulbs…..LOL!

We are hoping to have plans soon and get this house finished up ASAP so we can break ground on the new house.

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