In life you aren’t always prepared for the unforeseen issues that may come up, although you tend to think things are moving along and will work out smoothly.

Well, things worked out in the end but it was a nerve-racking time over the last week or so.

As many of you know, we are moving and planning to build our new one level home on flatter land due to my MS.  We had a buyer within five days with a good offer and everything was moving along and progressing very well.  We had packed up most of the house; I posted pictures of all our boxes a few weeks back.

Well, the people who bought our home had problems on their end with the sale of their home and the deal fell apart.  We felt bad for us and especially bad for the people purchasing our home because they loved this home.  They drove by one day and said if this home ever goes up for sale this is where we are going to live, and we were just putting it on the market then!

We went into action immediately by putting our home back on the market.  Our realtors have been very helpful and supportive during this process.

We had to run to good old Home Goods and make some purchases to stage our home since mostly everything had been packed.  That store never disappoints; here’s a few of the items called into action to fill a spot or cover some nail’s, etc.

DSC_0007_wm DSC_0011_wm DSC_0012_wm

We got the house staged and made it look more homey and I used some of my French flower pots I made with transfers to use as display in our kitchen to hold some inexpensive bamboo utensils we grabbed and some linen dish towels.  They look like they were always there LOL.

DSC_0009_wm DSC_0010_wm

Within two days we had people wanting to see our home but we had to wait for a “kill letter” on the other deal.  We finally got that pushed through as we had several people begging to see our home and waiting patiently to make offers.

The Lord must have been watching over us because we got multiple offers on our home.  We finally put another deal together Wednesday night.  I pray and hope this goes smoothly and we are planning on closing some time soon.

I guess my mom telling me that God never gives you more than you can handle is true but I really don’t want to be tested anymore.  We are anxious to get our new home started.   Our plans have gotten started by the architect.

The lesson I learned is that deals aren’t finished until finished, don’t get ahead of yourself, and it this one step at a time.