Happy Wednesday!!!

As I posted a few weeks ago, we are downsizing and building a new home that will be better for me and the puppies…all on one level.

Needless to say; I am excited!  We found a lot on a street called West End (pictures below) to build our new home and it is perfectly flat.  Great for me and the puppies will love it too.  Unlike our current location (bear, hawks, turkey vultures, etc), we won’t have to worry about other animals bothering them.  In our new location, they will be able run and romp outside in a fenced in area like puppies should.  They won’t know what to do with themselves! LOL.  Where we live now is too dangerous to let them play outside.

We have to meet with the architect to get blueprints done from a design we found online.  It is going to be so exciting and a beautiful home.  I can’t wait for the fun stuff like picking out all the cabinets, moldings, tile, etc.

I will be posting during the progress of building and our continued progress in packing and the puppies (pretend you want to hear about them) LOL!

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