It has been a weird and tough few months at Cloches and Lavender.  I haven’t posted since January and I really miss it, but things have been going on behind the scenes.

As many of you know, I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis; I am still the same and have not had any episodes thank God!  However, we have been talking a lot lately about whether we should down size and sell our lovely home after 18 wonderful years.  It is a center hall colonial and the stairs have been a struggle for me for quite some time.

I have to go up the stairs one leg at a time since I can’t bend my right leg to well; as I suffer from drop foot due to the MS.  It is very tiring and I have fallen on occasion; not worth it anymore.

This is and was a very hard decision to make but it had to be done for my safety and well-being.  It will be better in the long run.  So downsizing and one level-living here we come.

We are moving to a much flatter area of Northern New Jersey about 10 minutes from where we are now and into a brand new ranch that we will build.  It will be better for me for everyday living and cleaning.  I will be able to take care of our two puppies more easily.

I am excited about our new endeavor.   I mean, come on, it is a new house and I get to do all my decorating all over again, so that is fun.  I could spend weeks and weeks picking out cabinets, hardwood floors, etc.

I haven’t started any new projects since we are going to be packing up the house in just a matter of weeks.  We are moving in with a friend while the house is getting done.  We are so blessed to have her in our lives.

On a sad note, just recently, we lost our brother-in-law to lung cancer.  He was a fantastic man and would do anything for anyone he cared for, he was great.  My husband has known him since he was 5 and he was actually an altar boy at his sister’s wedding to him.

He loved his family dearly and I am so thankful that he had a chance to see his brand new granddaughter.  He loved her very much.

I was and feel very blessed that I got to know such a wonderful man for 24 ½ years.

Look for posts in the future with updates on our new home and posts regarding our lives while we are at our friends home with 5 dogs in total.