I would like to take a moment today, before I do my post, to thank everyone that contacted and showed their support while my MS was acting up.  It made me feel so good and reassured.  I appreciate it very much.  MS is a weird disease and I have had it for 20 some years and still don’t always understand.

Anyway, on to my post.  I know this is very overdue, but I wanted to show some favors I made for a party we had during the holidays.  I made small flowers pots with candy canes as topiaries for my female friends and got small tins from the craft store and filled them with homemade cookies for the Gents. 

I ordered the candy canes from Christmas Central and cut a Styrofoam ball in half.  I then carefully pushed the candy canes into the foam and added a ribbon with some starlight red and green candies.

I used a graphic that I found from Graphics Fairy with the mod podge method to add some whimsy to the front. 

I placed them on the buffet table in the dining room for all to take home.

I hope you enjoy them and I look forward to posting with you all in 2013.

DSC_0066_wm DSC_0065_wm DSC_0068_wm