We had quite a scare this week with my little Peanut.  She got a hold of one of MS pills by accident; just as we were supposed to leave for my husband’s Christmas Party.

I knew the first thing to do was call the Vet, which I did. They told me to get her to the emergency pet hospital right away.  John drove and we got here there as fast as we could; they told us the pill she swallowed was highly toxic to dogs and she is so tiny as it is, hence the name Peanut, they needed to induce vomiting right away.  I thought; ok, then we can take her home maybe with some medicine. Well, that turned out differently, I had to leave her there for a couple of days on IV so they could pump her full of liquids to make sure everything got out of her system.

I was so scared for her that something would go wrong.  It was a horrible feeling and one I swear I never want to feel again.  Reeses, her brother, missed her so much.  He wouldn’t chew his bones or sleep near me like he usually does on the couch.  She wasn’t there so I guess he decided he wasn’t going to sleep there either.

I am so VERY HAPPY to report that Peanut came home last night and is doing fine.  I still have medicine to give her for a week.  They are our babies and the thought of something happening to one of them just kills us inside.  GOD heard my prayers and saved our baby girl and gave us the best present!!!

They’re currently taking the usual morning nap together! lol

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