Hello all…

Over the summer, we have been slowly redoing John’s office.  We didn’t like the layout and functionality, even though we had just repainted it last year. I’ll have a post on the outcome shortly.

As part of the redo, I got him some bookshelves; which then allowed me to display more things. One of the things I had wanted to do was a shadow box containing some of his dad’s Navy items.

I found a nice size box that would fit on one of the shelves. We looked through the items and selected four of his medals from WWII and a few other ID’s and such and a picture of him during the Korean War (John looks a lot like him).  He served in WWII from 1942-1945 and in Korea from 1950-1952.

I decorated the rest of the shelves with some of his books and various objects I came across.  I finally finished most of this project this weekend for him; just waiting on an area rug and a few more items.

For now I wanted to show you the shadow box I put together for him.

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