Hello everyone, I hope all of you are doing well, it was a beautiful weekend in NJ.

I thought I would take a little time to show you a stained glass tabletop my mother made when I was very young.  I remember everything as if it happened yesterday.  I remember going with her and my father to the glass store to purchase sheets of glass for her to work with when making this table.  For some reason, I remember her telling me that red and pink glass was the most expensive so she would only buy a little of that color.

I remember sitting with her when she was cutting pieces of glass for this tabletop.  It may not be the most perfect and beautiful glass work around but in my eyes it is perfect.  I cherish this piece more than I can express.  This is part of my childhood, adulthood and is full of great memories of my mom.

I savor every memory of my mother.  She passed away too young and in my eyes the best mother on the planet.

This tabletop has become very fragile over the years (it originally was mounted on top of an old Singer sewing machine) and I tried to get someone to fix the joints where the glass connects but they were concerned about damaging the piece and I was not willing to take that chance.  

My husband and I were planning to put a frame around the piece when we took it off the sewing machine, but decided not to risk damage to the piece of glass.  My husband decided he wanted the piece in his office on his credenza and I thought that was a lovely thing since he and my mom were so close.  We finally got it there this weekend as we completed his office makeover (stay tuned for that).

I hope you enjoy the pictures we took.

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