Happy Saturday,  I hope everyone has a great weekend.  It is nice and brisk in New Jersey this morning…31 degrees at 730am! 

Yesterday, I took a quick run to Home Goods to find an item that I specifically wanted for our great room.  I just felt the coffee table needed one more thing to make it look more complete and sometimes you get lucky there! 

I wanted an extra-large and tall goblet (I don’t know how else to refer to this piece), to fill with some fall potpourri I found a few weeks ago, also from Home Goods.

I wanted this specific color too, so I walked and walked around the store, of course, admiring other items they had displayed.  It must have been 15 or 20 minutes as I made it back towards the front of the store and this was sitting on the display table right at the entrance.  I know I didn’t see it there when I walked in because I always look in the same area when I walk in. Someone either returned the item while I was walking around looking or an employee put it back.  I just was so happy; you have thought I won the lottery for $9.99.  It made my whole day!

Now the coffee table feels more complete and finished.

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