Hi there…the week marches on!

Sometimes good things really do come in small packages. This sugar shaker was a big surprise when I received it as a gift from my dad and stepmom for one of my birthdays. 

My stepmom has one at her home and I always admired it when we visited. She noticed how much I loved it and that I “casusally” mentioned that I would like one someday.  LOL   Well, the next thing I knew, one it was here for my birthday!

They found me one in sterling silver from England, I would assume on Google or EBay.  I didn’t ask; but I now have one of my very own. 

I love it and those that gave it to me and think it is a beautiful addition to my dining room accent table.

PS…I use it too, for our French Toast breakfasts on some Fall Sundays.

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