Hello everyone I hope all is well, it has been cool and beautiful in New Jersey today.

Today’s post is a little longer, since I have a lot of Fall items in the great room to show you (see post about home goods! LOL)

Many of you may have seen my fall mantel, but I felt something was missing, so I made a small addition with wreathes I bought at my local re-opened Home Goods yesterday.  I think it makes it look more finished for the Fall.

I also wanted to share some pictures of the items that I sprinkled around the great room.  These bits and pieces of Fall items make for a nice seasonal look.

Two of the wreaths I found yesterday I hung on our French doors.  We usually hang something there for Christmas, so I figured it would be a good spot for fall as well.

One of my many cloches is covering small gold pumpkin to add some warmth for the season.

To add a fall touch, my small urn on one of my end tables has dried artichokes inside; I think it adds a festive touch.

The apothecary jar filled with pumpkins on the table is from Home Goods $8 this was purchased a couple of years back (I am not paying the other prices, it is too much).  The pumpkins next to the apothecary jar I purchased from our local food market and they were very inexpensive, they are painted with a metallic paint which adds some interest to them.

On the little table by the couch is a bunch of straw with a velvet pumpkin I purchased at Michael’s for 50% off.

On the TV cabinet I placed a nice hand carved acorn that I found at a small local shop.

Near our buggy bench, I incorporated one of the french flower buckets that has a mod podge transfer on it and filled with punks.  Along side I placed a small wire basket I found yesterday, that I filled with beaded pumpkins.

The coffee table is overflowing with artichokes which I just love, they are nice and large.  They are sprayed with a soft metallic which is a silvery bronze color, they add character and charm to the table.  I added candle holders which I purchased at Home Goods; I felt the table was missing something (they will stay all year round).

I hope you enjoyed looking at some of my great room Fall items.

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