Hello everyone.  I hope your week is going well.

These are 2 pieces I enjoy having in my great room.  I keep them together on one of the end tables.

An Urn with Moss

The urn has had a long life in our home; it used to have a moss topiary in it. When it faded I decided throw the topiary away but keep this beautiful almost alabaster looking urn. 

It sat around for a few years and then I thought of putting it in the great room and filled it with moss balls from Pottery Barn. I felt as if It took me forever to decide what to put inside of the urn but for now I am set.

A Fleur de lis

I love this Fleur di Lis.   It’s rustic but yet has a charm about it and I enjoy having items such as this in our home. 

The two combined make for an intersting placement.