Hello. Hope all are safe and well.

I thought it would be a nice time to show some more beautiful sunflowers that I purchased today at the market.  I have been going crazy with sunflowers lately I know, but they are so bright and beautiful and I just love them.

I made what I think is a beautiful vignette of the flowers, a bunch of lavender I had lying around and some family pictures.

My little vignette on the writing desk chair

I cherish these three pictures, one is of my mother when she was just a teen playing the piano. She was very talented and was accepted to Julliard, but became a teacher instead.  She always loved to play for us throughout the years.

My little vignette on the writing desk chair

The other pictures are my husband when he received communion and me when I was little, in the winter, on my sled.  I still have that sled and use it outside during the holidays with a nice Valerie Parr Hill Balsam wreath hung on it!

My little vignette on the writing desk chair

I hope you enjoy this little vignette!

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