Hello, we had a bit of crazy weather today, but it turned out to be a very nice evening here in NJ.

So, I was thinking a couple of weeks ago that canisters didn’t have to be just for people while I was also thinking about what to keep Peanut and Reese’s’ food in; other than a plastic container.  I thought to myself; put the dogs’ food inside a nice canister and leave it on the counter (it’s easier to manage for me, not having to go into the pantry and carry it out twice a day)!

I’m Reeses and I Just Turned 2

I’m Peanut and I Just Turned 2 Too, Like My Brother!

Well, Home Goods came through again!  I found two great clear glass canisters with airtight lids…one a french Fleur di Lis and one a french style bird.

Canisters Before ASCP Application

Once I got them home, I realized I didn’t want to see the food or for visitors to have to see the food either.  Annie Sloan Paint came through again! I painted them (I did two to have one as a back up in case one breaks) a coat of Country Grey and then waxed it with the dark wax to give it that aged look to match the rest of out decor’.

Canisters After ASCP – Country Grey and Dark Wax Application

Canisters After ASCP – Country Grey and Dark Wax Application – French Bird Topper

Canisters After ASCP – Country Grey and Dark Wax Application – Fleur di Lis Topper

Now I have both stylish and convenient containers for my dog food at a very reasonable Home Goods price!

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