From plantings and splitting over the years our Coreopsis has become stunning.  They are such a beautiful shade of yellow they brighten the whole front and back of our home.  I also have them in some other smaller groupings in and around the front walking garden. They even seem to glow in the dark at night.

Moonbeam Coreopsis – Out Front

Moonbeam Coreopsis – Out Front

These are another plant the deer don’t have any interest in at all, so if you have a problem with deer get yourself some moonbeam coreopsis; but it has to be yellow.  We tried to add some pink here and there and for some reason the groundhogs love them but not the yellow ones.  Who would think animals would be so choosy?

It took us a while and a lot of splitting to get them to fill in to make in nice and lush.

Moonbeam Coreopsis – Out Back

Moonbeam Coreopsis – Yellow

During the summer I take various clippings of all our perennials and use them around our home in various spots, on tables and in different rooms…more on that later. Here’s a spot I always like to keep a few small cuttings, so I have them in my view while I’m at the sink area.

Moonbeam Coreopsis – Cuttings in My Mom’s Colored Glass

Moonbeam Coreopsis – Cuttings in My Mom’s Colored Glass on My Kitchen Window