Hello and hope everyone is staying cool.  Still hot out my way.

I wanted to keep on the gardening theme again tonight, since my Spirea have started to bloom nicely out front.

Spirea – Blooming Out Front

These hardy shrubs are a delightful mauve and white – on the same shrub and the same bloom!  Again I started with just two and have spread them around each fall, so that we now have several in front and many more down by our rock wall in the walking garden.

Spirea – Blooming Out Front – One of the Blooms

Spirea – Starting to Bloom In Front of Rock Wall in Walking Garden

I just love all the color they add and they bloom all summer long.  They are very low maintenance.  The bumble bees love them.

Spirea – Starting to Bloom In Front

Spirea – Blooms

Spirea – Blooms