Good Evening…it was almost hundred degrees today in my part of New Jersey, and no lack of humidity, of course! 

Tonight I wanted to show you my Astilbe.  It’s hard to believe that I started this row with 2 small plants back in 1996.  These plants have been in our garden ever since and they have never disappointed.  Every year or two we split them (or just take a little straggler shoot) as one is supposed to do with perennials and continued to make this row along the entry to the backyard from the driveway.  You can see them nicely when you come up the drive as well, which I like. as they welcome visitors and guests.

My Row of Astilbe

I’m happy we have gotten so many plants from the two originals (they’re free!! LOL).  Sometimes, we have just taken the smallest pieces and planted them and they turn into these big beautiful plants.  I plan on continuing them all the way around to the front (don’t tell John  🙂 )

My Row of Astilbe – Continuing Towards the Backyard

Anyway, on this hot humid, first day of summer, I just had to share how beautiful these plants are with everyone and i hope you enjoy.  These are a perfect perennial for anyone interested in getting started with something that will come back each year and enable you to split them over and over.

The Astilbe – in the Spotlight

Ready For My Close-up