Well, once the great room was done, I had decided to move my table leaf art piece from over the french doors to over the coffee bar.  That, then created the need for a new project!  This go around I decided to make something that was more grand for over the french doors, since they are about 16 feet across.  The table leave piece was only 4′ across.

French Doors With Table Leaf Piece – Before I Moved It

I thought that maybe I could be inventive with some lumber we had lying around.  When I realized we had some nice size pieces of lumber I decided to make a trip to Lowes and thought about a design to embellish the wood. 

By now, everyone may know that I love appliques and use them often to embellish projects.  I bought these appliques after laying them out on the store floor.  I purchased small dental molding to frame the outside of the project to give it a more finished look.

Spare Lumber Pieces to Be Joined and Small Dental For Outline

The Appliques I Selected

Once I had my design down, I gave the plan to John. He used a biscuit joiner and put the two pieces of wood together for me to make a large-scale back drop of about 8′ across and 15″ tall.

Lumber Drying After Bisquit Joining

Once the piece was glued, clamped and then dry it was sanded and prepped for painting.

I selected an ASCP in a somewhat new color named Coco.  I painted the background with the Coco and let that dry and set up for a day or two. Now it was time to paint the appliques and I chose to paint them Country Grey and let them dry for day or two.

Base Coat of ASCP – Coco


Base Coat On Appliques and Dental in ASCP – Country Grey

John then nailed them on the boards.  This is the design I chose and shown here before I waxed the piece.

Final Piece – After Wax Treatment

After the curing process was done I waxed the project with clear wax and then a small amount of dark wax.

This project turned out as I hoped and I think it adds some granduer to our doors and elegance to the great room.

My New Piece In Place Over French Doors

My New Piece In Place Over French Doors

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