Happy Friday!

I wanted to tell you about a find that I rediscovered today when looking in the garage for something. I put them to good use around the yard and on the deck today.

Every fall we have a town wide garage sale that supports the local Fire department. Last fall I was lucky to find a batch of hose guards that have a glass ball and either fleur-de-lis or French scroll on top; for only $3.00 each.  I bought many of them in different colors, blue, red, green and clear and stored them in the garage.

Hose Guard With French Scroll Top

When I saw them in the box in the garage today, I decided to use them as added pieces to our garden in front of the house and in my pots on the deck.  I thought, they are so pretty, lets add them as decorations, since we never really had a need for them to be used as hose guards anyway, LOL. 

Hose Guard With Fleur de Lis

Hose Guard in Front of Beds

Hose Guard in Flower Pot

Hose Guard in Flower Pot

I love the bit of French flair they add.

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