We stumbled upon this bench when coming out of a shop while wandering in a shopping area in Northern New Jersey.  We saw it sitting outside and the gentlemen told us it was from an old buggy. The seat had been repaired with some wood and the legs were added with brackets and iron braces.  We didn’t mind, we just thought it was neat and that it would make for a great conversation piece. 

Buggy Bench Before the Update

Buggy Bench Before the Update

We weren’t looking for an antique so we haggled a bit with the gentlemen since the fabric on the top was really just a plain backing fabric put on haphazardly and didn’t look that great and we knew we would have to recover it for it to fit in with our room.  He wound up coming down from $190 to $100.  I think it was close to the end of the day by the time we got to that area and he was being very flexible because he wanted to get rid of the bench.

I decided when we got the bench home we would cover the top in burlap since there are stools in our great room that we had covered in burlap and we liked the rustic look it added. 

Buggy Bench – Burlap and Trim Added

Buggy Bench – Burlap and Trim Added

John did a nice job on it and I think it turned out pretty well, since it is our first try with a piece like this. I ordered some cushions from Ballards for the seat and I was happy because I got them 20% off through an email I received from Ballards.

Buggy Bench – Burlap and Trim and Cushions Added

Buggy Bench – Burlap and Trim, Cushions and Postcard Pillows Added

We positioned it right near the entrance to the room (under my table leaf wall hanging I posted about a while back), near the kitchen and the pool table (which we had redone and will post about when the new felt is finished and we reveal the Great Room).  It will really come in handy for gatherings and when people are playing pool.

Buggy Bench – In Position Under My Table Leaf Art

Buggy Bench – In Position With Pool Table Redo

Buggy Bench – In Position With Kitchen View

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