Hello everyone; I hope you had a great weekend.

I am still trying to get the great room totally back together (waiting on the new felt for the pool table and finding accessories), it is a big room and I want it to be just right so we are taking our time.

I purchased these pillows from Country Curtains and I think in total they came to about $40.  I really love them, they are French postcards.  They add such a nice warm elegant touch. 

French Postcard Pillows

French Postcard Pillows

I will be using them in our great room I think; on a reclaimed buggy bench we picked up recently (more on that tomorrow).  I have to make sure that it is the right spot though.

I hope everyone checks in through this until I have it all together.  In the meantime I will show you pieces as we get them and where I place them in the room.