I decided to do just a quick post tonight because we are in the midst of getting ready to have our great room wood floor refinished, so everything on the lower level of our house is turned upside down.

Great Room – Ready for Refinish

So, I have a hallway upstairs that can be seen from the foyer, you may remember my post about the green table I have up there.  Well, I can’t have a table in the hallway, without having some nice things on the wall to go along with it.  So today I decided to tell you about them.

Hallway Table and Wall Hangings

One is in a re-purposed frame from an old painting. Originally, it was oak; I painted it gold and then dry brushed with metallic silver paint. I then ordered some fabric swatches and decided on the script fabric that is currently in the frame.  It offers a nice contrast to the frame, the wall and the other items.

Repurposed Frame with French Script Fabric

The metal piece next the fabric picture is piece I found at Home Goods and the two little prints on the other side I had, and decided to use them to finish off the space.

Metal Piece From Home Goods

Hallway Pictures

Hallway Vignette