Since this is a long weekend I thought I would show some older posts that new followers may not have seen before.  Enjoy the weekend!!

Our master bath was built in 1994 before it was popular to have double vanities and to have travertine tile installed. My question was; how could we update the bathroom without doing a total gut job?  We were not spending that kind of money, no way.  But in 2010 we had to take the plunge on a budget re-do.

As necessity is always a great motivator. We ended up having a problem with some tiles on the shower seat and having never tiled before, we needed to learn as we went along.  John started there by redoing the whole seat and actually making it a bit smaller. It was a tough job but he fixed the problem and then we moved to the tub area.

Again, when we were building our home in 1994 the thing was to have a tub deck with your jetted tub; not have it freestanding as is popular today.

We knew we had to change something, John and I came up with idea of changing all the plumbing fixtures to oil rubbed bronze and while we were at it change the front part of our tub.  We decided to take the tile off the front and give it an updated look with a wood front.

Tub Area- New Front with Stencils

John built the front using high-end wood for the flat piece and then I had him put moldings to make boxes on the front. I figured I would stencil the front parts using plaster and then I dry brushed the stencils with a metallic silver-grey paint.

Tub Area- New Front with Stencils

We then decided to take the wallpaper down (we built when it was in and did this when it was out and now it seems to be in again! LOL Go figure.) and have the bathroom painted. During the painting, I decided why not add plaster to the walls where the two sconces were to give it an old world look and faux them in the process.  After that part was done I decided to add stencils in the corners of the plaster in silver to add a tone to blend in with our tile since it is white with gray running through it, I felt that had to be tied into the room somehow and could not be ignored.  These came out nice and it seems as if they are actually on an “old” part of the wall.

Plaster With Faux Finishing Detail and Sconce

Plaster and Frame With Detail Of Stencil

View of Sconces on Plaster in Frames

Even on a budget, once you get going the project always creeps. We decided that the original white vanity with one sink should be updated too. So, the plumber come in after I found a double vanity sink online and ran another sink line and that worked out great.  I love our new vanity, the Euro height is so much easier on your back.  This enabled me to  go with two mirrors and two vanity lights as well.

Vanity and Fixtures

Vanity Area

The last pieces of the puzzle were updating our lighting fixtures to oil rubbed bronze and changing out our shower doors to bronze to match the rest of the fixtures we changed.

Shower Area

One final piece that was added is a stained glass window that we won on eBay many years ago. We suspended it in the window with small chain and it provides a nice illusion of privacy and color.  We don’t need much privacy where we live in the woods so I used a valance over the large window to add elegance.

Window Area with Stained Glass

Stained Glass Window – Detail

Some Other Accessories

Some Other Accessories

Some Other Accessories

Some Other Accessories

Master Bath Entry View

I still feel like I got a brand new bathroom and it took a little money, hard work on our part which we don’t mind and it turned out beautifully.

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