I hope everyone’s week is going well.  It has been damp and chilly here in New Jersey this week but the sun is supposed to shine tomorrow.

So, I mentioned that I was on a finial hunt for my deck and today I found one!  It’s a faux urn actually, but it’s really neat.   I got it at my favorite store Home Goods.  This urn-shaped finial is perfect for my deck and will add some whimsy and elegance I believe.  I love the color, it is a bluish with dark accents.

Urn Finial

Urn Finial – Closeup of Detail

I placed it in front of one of the larger pots containing the baby butterfly bush.  It should look very nice when the bush grows and cascades over the pot to create a background.

Urn Finial – On the Deck

Urn Finial – On the Deck

I hope to find a few more to add as the spring progresses.

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