Hello everyone it was a rainy chilly day in New Jersey today, so I decided to find that spot for my new plaque!!

I mentioned in a post last week about a new cloche and plaque I recently received as gifts.  I showed the cloche in its new spot already and tonight I thought I would show the new placement of my plaque and another change to my office shelf. I decided to place my plaque on my shelf because it is a good way to change on and off between this and a picture I place there in the fall and winter.  I changed out the plate also to another plate from my wine plate collection.  This brightens up my shelf for the summer months.  I believe these little subtle changes give vignettes a new appeal, no matter how subtle they are.

Office Shelf – Before

Office Shelf – Updated Plate

Office Shelf – My New Plaque Placement

Office Shelf – My New Look