I hope everyone had a great weekend!!

Spring just arrived, in my trunk! LOL

This Year’s Selections

Spring has finally sprung at our home, although the weather is still chilly.  A week or two ago we got a little head start and placed all the pots in their place and filled them with the potting soil.  We placed the furniture around and waited for a good time to actually do the planting. As you may remember, we can’t do any decent plantings off of the deck as the deer and groundhogs gobble them up in a day or two.

Pots Placed About

Former decorative column from our dining room-we cut it in two

Empty herb pots

My teacup planter!

Mostly all of these pots were hand finished, as they started out as basic inexpensive resin (green or terra-cotta).  I did a faux aged stone effect with paint and water and coated them with a poly.  Over the years they have weathered nicely and still maintain that antique look. (People always want to buy them when we have the town garage sale LOL).

A look at the faux finish

A look at the faux finish

So, our deck is now filled with all our young flowers and herbs in their assigned pots, along with that finial I spoke about and my tea-cup planter that I found.  I look forward to making my Gravy (sauce lol) and pesto using my fresh basil cuttings.

Some of the young plantings

Some of the young plantings

Some of the young plantings

Our outdoor furniture is new this year and I just love it and the lovely outdoor rug placed under the seating area. I think it brings some warmth to the arrangement.

Outdoor seating area

Finished teacup planter

I also decided to use some small boxwood this year, so in the winter I can leave them out on the deck and have some greenery all year round.  I love the play of color with the marigolds with the boxwood it is nice and colorful.

Boxwood and marigolds

This year I am trying miniature butterfly bushes and as they progress in size I will take more pictures, hopefully with butterflies and hummingbirds.  They come back every year as they go dormant for the winter months.  I love perennials every summer it is a surprise to see how much bigger they are every year.

I also planted these begonias that you see in pots some with Vinca vine as well.  I love the foliage on them and the flowers as well, the colors are very pretty.


One 1/2 of our former dining room decorative column

The other 1/2 of our former dining room decorative column

Herb pots and finial

I am on the hunt for a few more finials for the deck area and when I find them you will see them as well.  I know what I want I just haven’t found it yet.

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