Hi everybody.

I told you about my new cloche last night, that I had gotten as a gift.  Well today, I figured out how to embellish it and where to place it.

The first thing I did was to use the cloche as a template and traced it on some fabric I had with French script on it.  I then cut it out so that it fit nicely on the base.  this gives a nice backdrop for what I placed under the cloche.

Cloche Base With Fabric Insert

I looked about my collection of little items and I remembered I has several old iron fence finials.  One I really like, fit very nicely under the cloche and is a great compliment to the fabric.

Old Finial Placed on Fabric

Once I had the look I wanted, I decided to add this to the top of some old books I keep on my living room coffee table.  This makes for a nice complement to the other vignette that is on this table.

Cloche Placed on Old Books

Coffee Table Vignettes

I’m really happy on how this all turned out and will make for a nice conversation piece as well as a treasured gift from a very good person.

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