Hello everyone I hope all is well, this was big undertaking but we love how it turned out.  Our furniture was a basic country pine and used to look like the Guest Room armoire (which was one of the original pieces of the bedroom set) pictured here, just a little lighter. 

Original Look of Bedroom Furniture

I decided to change it by adding various wooden appliques to the drawers and the front sides of the drawers and to the doors.

Example of the Drawer and Other Appliques Applied for Detail

Then the painting and fauxing of the furniture began.  We selected Benjamin Moore ivory for the base coat. Then when it all dried I fauxed it using a small amount of burnt umber paint mixed with tintable glaze.  Overall, it took several weeks.  I had to do all the drawers as well with painting them, I wanted it done correctly. 

Extra Table With New Finish and Detailing

Dresser With New Finish

Accent Images and Reclaimed Metal Door Mat

Night Tables, Bed and Accent Pieces

Hope Chest With New Finish

Doorway View

We painted the walls and ceiling with Benjamin Moore Toasted Almond and I then stenciled the corners of the ceiling and the walls as well as stenciling a ceiling medallion with a light coat of plaster letting it dry and sanding it lightly with a sanding sponge to knock the points off and painted them to match the walls and ceiling. 

Example of Stencil Work Around Room

I then took each stencil individually and dry brushed each stencil with a light color paint to make them stand out but I didn’t want them to hit people in the face either. 

Example of Stencil Work Around Room

The frame over the dresser is another project I did that I discussed in another post a week or so ago.

I love the Mercury Glass on the dresser and I purchased them from Ballard a while ago.

The mirror over the bed used to be a full length mirror mounted on a stand in the corner.  We took it off the stand and I painted it a green color first and then ivory over it and sanded it to make the green pop a bit. Then we mounted it over the bed.  We always try to repurpose things when we can. I did the same technique to the chest in front of the bed.

Re-purposed Mirror Over Bed

Over the other dresser we decided just to hang black and white canvas pictures and an old door mat that we found from a store in New Jersey to give the eye a rest from looking at so many things.

Black and White Canvas Images

As you can see under the night stands we have cloches with lavender underneath each one.  The cloches are from www.elizabethsembellishments.com

Night Table, Lamp and Lavender Under Cloche

Night Table Detail and Lavender Under Cloche

I felt the bedroom needed a chandelier and since I love chandeliers this wasn’t a tough decision it was just tough finding what I wanted.


Chandelier With Plaster Stenciled Medallion

We love our bedroom and find it a wonderful restful place (with no TV!).

Another Viewpoint

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