Hi there…3 days down 2 to go for the weekend!

I’m getting into the spring spirit and looking forward to getting my outside started, even though we have had a little chilly set back here in NJ this week.  But May is almost here and I’m planning my deck layout and thinking about what annuals I will use this year (I probably mentioned that we generally put all the flowers up on our deck, since the deer haven’t learned to get up there yet LOL).  John is getting the mulch delivered and he’ll be doing that for a week or 2 as well. The other main plantings we use up here are generally deer-proof; Boxwood, Lavender (of course) and Coreopsis (only certain ones that the deer won’t eat though as we learned over many years).

I have many pots that I faux-aged and gave a stone appearance to that I will show you “before and after” soon, they will hold all the plants I select.  You can really add some character to those resin pots!

Anyway, I also add some decorative elements to the deck area and while out today I found one that will fit perfectly in my plan.  It’s a faux stone, mossy finial about 3 feet tall.  I had to grab it and share it with you.

Finial for the Deck

Finial for the Deck

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