Hi everyone I hope your Tuesday went well!

As many of you may remember, I recently wrote a post about my birdcage cloche and my kitchen table.  Well, I had a problem finding a plant that would fit in the cloche; they were either non-flowering or were too tall because the cloche narrows at the top.

I decided to use lemons inside the cloche to add some spring and summer feeling to my table.

Lemons in the Birdcage Cloche

I also bought hydrangea petals and put them inside my apothecary jars for a little pick me up. 

Hydrangea Petals in Apothecary Jars

I was happy with the way this turned out with the lemons and the petals, but I wanted to give the table some more depth, so I figured I would try some fabric in a casual way across the table.  It adds some texture, color (since I have many fabric remnants around, I can easily change this out for the summer and it’s cheaper than tablecloths or runners) and is less formal than a table-cloth or runner and I can more or less scrunch it to suit my taste.  

For the early Spring, I decided to use this plaid fabric I had around and it is a nice compliment to the overall look.

Spring Kitchen Table Setting

Spring Kitchen Table Setting

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