I was so surprised and happy to learn that Becky from http://cloverandthyme.wordpress.com/ nominated my blog Cloches and Lavender for the Versatile Blogger.  When I decided to start about 3 months ago, I was hoping that people would respond to my blog which talks about DIY projects, faux finishing, gardening and other things related to my life.

I am a self-taught faux finisher and I have done a large number of pieces in my home.  I learned mainly from watching HGTV (and trial and error, for sure) over the years, took some chances and things have turned out ok.  I am also self-taught with stenciling and experimenting using plaster several occasions.

Becky suggested that I tell a little about myself and nominate some of the blogs that I follow (although space doesn’t allow me to mention every one)

  1. I loved cheerleading as a young child and young adult.
  2. I worked as an executive secretary and that led to me meeting the love of my life John.  We have been married for 24 years.
  3. I helped take care of my mother who had a brain tumor and died and that taught me things about myself that I didn’t realize.  It taught me to have strength; it made me realize the decision to be very close to my parents was a good decision.  It taught me independence and most of all that I would be ok in the end without her.
  4. I have Multiple Sclerosis and it is hard for me to get around at times but that has made me incredibly strong inside and made me learn to fight and be as positive as possible.
  5. I take care of my home and my husband full-time and enjoy every minute of it and I learned over the years of doing so that it is ok to enjoy these things as opposed to having a career outside of my home.
  6. I live in Northern New Jersey (yes, I love Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi) and have lived in this area my whole life and love it dearly.  It brings me joy and I have made many very good friends one of which is like a sister to me.
  7. I am a Mom to two beautiful miniature Dachshunds named Peanut and Reeses, they are brother and sister, who I love so very much and take care of them every day on my own which is huge with my MS.  They keep me company, love me unconditionally, make me laugh and are a handful at times but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Peanut is my little girl she won’t leave my side.  She wants me with her every minute and Reeses is my boy and he is more independent and has a feisty side to him (I’m sure I’ll put up a Peanut and Reeses Post(s) here as the year goes on, with some current photos, once I can wrangle the 2 of them of course, LOL).
Peanut and Reeses Perched on the Old Kitchen Table Base (June 2010)

The following are my nominees…(see the links on the right):

A Detailed House.  I love the header on this blog and she always has great photography and is very talented.


Conspicuous Style.  I follow Stacy everyday and she is a great talent and is a wonderful decorator.   She has a new header now and I just love it and think it adds such class and quality.


Rooted in Thyme. I follow this blog often and I love her banner and the way it changes and think she is very creative.  I adore the fact that they decided to do this blog to stay in touch with family and their kids.


Decorate with a Little Bit.  She is very creative and makes changes to her home on a budget.


Magazine Your Home.  I love her banner.  Very creative and talented and has many great on ideas for working on a budget.


Clover and Thyme.  I just discovered her recently and she nominated me for the award and I nominate her back because Becky has clever ideas.


The Charm of Home.  I love the header on this blog she is also very talented with ideas and following them through. 


Donna Heber.  Besides from loving Donna’s page she is very talented with making cards they are always stunning.  She is a talent to me and I often love posts.


Edible Substance.  I follow this blog because there is so much talent with her baking and I love many of the recipes and tried a few and they were great.


Nutmeg Place.  I just like this blog for its creativity and the ideas behind the blog.  Nutmeg Place also has a great party.  Innida clearly loves her children what mother doesn’t but it is obvious to me.